Hi... thanks for stopping by... this whole blogging thing is new to me but I am up for the challenge. It is my hope and prayer that God will use this as a way to touch someone with His amazing love, peace and joy! Blessings my friends!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God's love REALLY does change everything!!!

If you have been around me in ministry, you have probably heard me say that if you can really GET how much our Heavenly Father loves you, it changes EVERYTHING!  It really is true...

I am blessed to observe it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of others...

I am watching my mother get closer to eternity these days... her battle with non-hodgekins lymphoma is almost over... My heart is broken... My mommy and I have always been close... every day I ask "what am I going to do without her???"   BUT... the sadness I feel... the grieving I am doing... is not like when my daddy went to heaven many years ago... Its not that I don't love her as much... I am not completely overcome by mourning because I KNOW where she is going... and I KNOW that God is and will be with her every step of the way... and I KNOW my Abba will hold me up.. He's the lifter of my head :)

When my daddy went to heaven... this "daddy's girl" felt the tremendous loss... I wanted my daddy!!!  I am blessed to watch God providing for me even now as losing my mommy becomes closer to reality...
     He has given me an amazing husband who I know will HOLD me through this... I know I am safe with my Tommy, my love.
     He has given me mom-figures in my life to help fill the void before it is even complete... women to talk to, cry to, run to, vent to... who help me to get my thoughts together, encourage me... I am blessed beyond belief!!!
     And... as for the mother-daughter time... WOW!!! with 3 daughters... do I get alot of that... My mom and I used to just sit and chat after school when I was growing up... and we loved to shop and shop and shop  together... all my girls are good at that :) and I have discovered that I now have in my oldest daughter that mother-daughter-confide-in-each-other time...
    I watch my son adore his grandma... sit by her side and make her laugh or smile... it doesnt get much better than that!
    and as if all that is not enough... God has given me many other daughters :) and sisters :) and brothers :) and even a dad... that I can go to when I need a hug or a laugh... and that randomly (well... not so random... Holy Spirit led) show up or bless me with some unexpected something from above.

I shared all this to say... God's love really does change things... and I am blessed to know and understand my Father's love... and to be aware of HIS activity in my life..

Do you allow Him in?
Are you aware of the things He is doing in and through you and FOR you?
Listen and watch for Him... He is AMAZING!